Put a Horse Stamp on It

I have long considered my choice of postage stamp as a form of personal expression. No slapping any old stamp on a card or bill for me!

My stamps are carefully selected to reflect something about my own interests. Or in the case of something like a birthday card, those of the recipient.

Maybe a historical event or figure that is of special appeal. Maybe a current cause or issue I am interested in promoting. Maybe a pretty photograph or other piece of art that is visually attractive.

If a stamp has a horse on it? So much the better! I remember back in the eighties when the USPS issued a set of horse breeds stamps that I coveted. With no internet ordering available back then, those stamps were hard to come by. I remember feeling sad when I used my last one.

Now in the age of the internet, I have not yet found a set of stamps that exclusively showcase horses. But I have found horses currently encompassed in various stamp books- Christmas Carols Forever Stamps (a sleigh horse in harness representing the “Jingle Bells” song), Winter Scenes Forever Stamps (two draft horses pulling) and Heritage Breeds Forever Stamps (featuring American Cream Draft horse AND American Mammoth Jackstock).

While I sometimes have trouble finding the exact stamp I want at my local post office, the United States Postal Service website allows users to have stamps mailed to their doorstep, including all the fun horse stamps noted above.

Of course, horses displayed proudly on postage stamps is a world wide phenomenon, not limited to the USA. For those of you who live in a different part of the world than me, what horse stamps have you seen your own country issue? Any favorites?

And if the USPS is reading, please bring back those horse breed stamps!

8 thoughts on “Put a Horse Stamp on It

  1. Ooohhhhhh I want pretty stamps here in Aus they change the subject matter of stamps often its rare to get really pretty ones like you have unless we buy a collection. Which are really expensive. I still have my stamp collection I started when I was 8yrs old. love the thought of making the stamp a personal choice that’s such a cool idea.

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    1. Maybe you can petition your government for new horse stamps? Although I imagine law makers of all countries have other things to do besides adding in the horses. 🙂 I agree with you that horses make for some very pretty stamps!

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  2. Beautiful stamps and I know many people collect stamps. I try and have personalized return address labels as my horsey thing when I can, but what a great idea to have these kind of stamps. Just never put much thought into stamps! Great post!! ❤️🐴 ~ Diana

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