Please Take My Poll

No, not my ground pole! I need every ground pole that I have.

The kind of poll that I offer up for the taking is my ten question opinion poll below, “Why do I read horse blogs?”

I’m super curious! Inquiring minds (or at least my mind) want to know.

I started writing The Backyard Horse Blog in January 2020, but I was an avid horse-blog reader long before that. I still am.

I can’t exactly remember the first blog I ran across. It might have been the Horse and Man blog. Or it might have been a blog that is no longer in production. Understandably, there are a lot of those.

Blogs, like most things, usually have a shelf-life. They are time intensive for the writers. Only a small portion of bloggers actually make sizeable money from their work. Blogs wax and wane in content and popularity. Readers come and go. Life happens for both blog creators and consumers. And yet, horse blogs have not gone the way of the dinosaur.

There are a handful of equestrian blogs that have been in production for a decade or longer like the previously mentioned Horse and Man blog. New blogs continue to pop up frequently too.

Even with the proliferation of social media sites oriented to photo/video and the rising popularity of audio podcasts, people keep reading blogs.

Horse blogs have not been around long enough yet, but someday, someone out there will have started to blog when they were a horse-loving child. And then continue blogging until they are a senior equestrian. How interesting it would be to see someone’s horse-life played out across the decades that way.

But all musings aside, I would like you to think about all the equestrian blogs that you have read as you go through the “Why do I read horse blogs?” poll. Check all the answers that apply.

And if you have a reason for reading horse blogs that is not listed below? Please let me know what they are in the comments section. If enough readers choose to take the poll, I will share the poll results in an upcoming post in case anyone else is as curious as I am.


14 thoughts on “Please Take My Poll

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Lesley. I will double check the website to see what is going on. It was supposed to appear on the blog in its entirety, not as a separate link. I appreciate the heads up!


      1. My fault! I had only read your post in the Reader, then when I clicked on to your actual site I can see that the poll is indeed there. I’m so sorry! Off to fill it in now. 😀

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    2. Hi, again, Lesley. I think I might see the issue. The post seems to be showing differently depending upon the device/medium used. I noticed that the poll did not appear in the emailed version of the blog but did appear on the website both from my computer and from my phone. I will say that it took awhile to load on my computer and at first loaded without the poll. If you are still game to take the poll, please go directly to the website, I am sorry for the hassle but thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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      1. No problem at all, Lesley! Nothing wrong with reading from the reader. I find it weird in general that blog posts (both this blog and other people’s blogs) often appear differently on different sites. And I don’t think I’m the only blogger that struggles with this issue. Anyhow, thanks so much for trying to give the poll a go!

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  1. I keep getting a “server error” when I try to submit, but I like product reviews, relatable “we all deal with this” stuff, I follow friend’s journey’s and love how to/tips/tricks, anything to make things a tiny bit easier and safer for us and our horses.

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  2. Done. I also read horse blogs because I miss my horse, and this gives me an opportunity to remember and enjoy the fact other people are embracing their horse experience.

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    1. Thank you, Judy, for taking your time to complete the poll and adding your comment. During periods of my life when I was without a horse, I was involved in the model horse world as a bridge to the world of real horses. If horse blogs had existed back then, I would definitely have been reading them as another type of connection to all things horse.

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  3. Another reason I enjoy horse blogs, that I don’t think was listed, is because it helps “expose” me to different disciplines, horse breeds, or locations. Some of may favorite horse bloggers live in areas geographically very different from mine & ride a different discipline. I enjoy learning & seeing all those horse things that I am not used too! Thanks for the fun & thought provoking poll!

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