Fit to a T

Have you ever seen a saying on a t-shirt that felt like it was made just for you?

There are a lot of beautifully designed graphics on T shirts nowadays. Plenty of horse related ones too.

Sometimes I see t-shirts where the graphics really appeal but the sayings don’t quite fit me.

I am thinking of something like the phrase “born to ride.” I like the concept, but it doesn’t describe me. I absolutely love to ride, but considering how hard I have to work to be passably okay in the saddle, “born to ride” doesn’t seem applicable in my case.

Or take the phrase “ride like the wind.” Again, I appreciate the sentiment. It is just not me. Now, I do ride IN the wind, but ride LIKE the wind is something different. I can count on one hand the times I’ve been galloping on a horse. All but one was by accident. “Slow gait like a gentle breeze” might be more descriptive of my general riding speed.

But THIS t-shirt? If there ever was a t-shirt that described me, this right here is it!

I found this shirt via a Pinterest pin. The pin linked to an Etsy store, ChristineFRStore, at

The buyer can customize the t-shirt with their choice of color and style. How fun is that!

What about you? What’s a horsey t-shirt graphic or saying that fits you to a T?

3 thoughts on “Fit to a T

  1. I love the choice of t shirt, my favourites are, If you can read this please put me back up on my horse(written upside down). ‘Horsetrovert’, an individual who prefers to be surrounded by horses all the time. Fun read pony friend.

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