Reading Round Up

Looking for some new reading material online? About horses, of course? I’ve got you covered! Here’s my suggestions for some interesting and informative horse-related reading.

Does Your Horse Like You?

This article, written by horse professional Julie Goodnight, touches on something that I think many horse people wonder about. Using the example of a clinic participant who was struggling with their young horse, Julie explains the miscommunication occurring between the pair. Goodnight details from her professional perspective what horses need from their people in order to be happy. Lots of good food for thought in this piece for anyone who has ever tried to build a relationship with a horse.

The Rules of ‘Poopspection’: Analyzing Your Horses’ Manure

Written with a wonderful dose of humor, this article takes a deep dive into what a horse’s manure has to say about his or her health. The article’s author, a PhD, interviews veterinarians for their input on your horse’s output. A really good piece for anyone who wants to learn how to “read” horse poop.

6 Ways to Compete Against Yourself in Horse Riding

If you haven’t recently perused the Horse Listening website, you are missing out. Chock full of sound, useful information for the rider, it is a treasure trove of knowledge. Written both for riders who show and those who don’t, this particular article encourages its readers to think a little differently about measuring horsemanship progress.

Happy reading!

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