Equine Inspired Poetry- Time For A Drink

He saunters towards the trough
Licking and chewing in anticipation as he travels

Body slows to stillness at the water’s edge
Eyes and ears survey the immediate area

He assesses it is safe for the moment
Head lowers to take the first sip

Lips play with the water’s surface, making it dance
Ears flick back and forth in time to successive swallows

Cool water washes over whiskers, muzzle, tongue and throat
Vulnerable in this position as he tends to his own needs

Sometimes, he hears himself loudly slurping
Always, he is on alert

Now he lifts his head
The last sip of water lingers

Tongue sucks to the roof of his mouth
Droplets dribble from the tip of his muzzle, down his chin and onto the ground

He opens and closes his jaw
His thirst finally satisfied

Pausing for a moment in relaxation
Body, mind and spirit now hydrated

Turning to carry on with the rest of his day
Extending his neck and snorting as he strolls away

Until the next time thirst comes to visit
When the time is right for another drink

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