Equine Illustrated Inspiration

“When we are open to listening and learning, each horse and every ride teaches us every day, for the School of Soft Hands and Hard Knocks never ends. Anyone with desire can enroll in this school and be exposed to many worthwhile lessons through the process of being with horses and learning to ride. This school accepts all applicants, yet no one ever graduates. Since the course of study is infinite, students are perpetually earning credits of insight and know-how toward their lifelong degree in HorsePower!”

From Living with HorsePower! Personally Empowering Life Lessons Learned From The Horse by Rebekah Ferran Witter

Equine Illustrated Inspiration is a periodic feature on The Backyard Horse Blog. The writer pairs her personal photographs of horses with inspiring quotes from a variety of authors. She hopes that readers will find these quotes as motivating in their own horsemanship journeys as she does.