Update on Chewy- More Products For Horses and A Donation Program!

If you live in the USA and buy pet products, you have likely heard of Chewy. Did you know that they sell many horse products too? Tack, supplies and feed can all be ordered and delivered to your doorstep.

I published a post early last year about my experience as a Chewy customer at

Chewy Sells Horse Stuff!

Since that post, I notice that Chewy has expanded its horse- product line considerably. You can even buy saddles through Chewy now.

And did you know that Chewy supports a charity program? Animal rescues can post animals for adoption as well as a wish list of items. Donors can then purchase those wish list items as a donation and have the products shipped directly to the rescue.

I previously fostered nine horses from the Indiana Horse Rescue. They have signed up with this program and now have their own Chewy wishlist.

As a donor to the Indiana Horse Rescue through this program, I can confirm that the program works!

You order the items and the rescue receives them. You even get an email confirmation upon placing the order donation and when the donated items are delivered.

If you’d like to see the IHR wish list (IHR functions under the name Animal Protection Coalition) to donate items to the cause, go to https://www.chewy.com/g/animal-protection-coalitioninc_b78818400.

To learn more about Chewy’s donation program in general, to find a different rescue to donate to or to find out how to get a rescue that you are involved with connected with the program, go to


*Please note this post was unsolicited and uncompensated by Chewy.