For Donkey Fans!

I have never owned or otherwise cared for a donkey, but I am definitely a donkey and mule fan.

I have petted a donkey. I even rode a mule (half horse/half donkey) once. But that is more or less the extent of my experience.

I enjoy reading about them and find both the similarities and the differences between horses-donkeys-mules to be really interesting.

So while reading The Hoofbeat newsletter from Canadian Horse Journal, a feature caught my eye about a virtual collection of articles on donkey health and welfare.

You can read the article for yourself here at

At the end of the article is this link to a bunch of research articles at

This research study link is free to view until October 29, 2021. There’s quite a treasure trove of donkey information contained therein. If you are at all interested in donkeys, I would highly suggest your taking advantage before the deadline.

The same day that I read The Hooftbeat article, I attended the annual tack sale at the Indiana Horse Rescue. They have an influx of donkeys this year and have something like seven donkeys available for adoption. All the photos you see in this post were taken at the Indiana Horse Rescue.

If anybody reading this is interested in adopting donkeys, please contact the Indiana Horse Rescue at (765) 605-5790 or If you don’t live in Indiana, they do adopt to approved out-of-State homes. You can also see some information on several of the donkeys available for adoption on the Indiana Horse Rescue website at

How fun it would be to see this blog be involved in a deserving donkey findings its new temporary foster or permanent adoptive home!

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  1. I was at a barn that had donkeys once and they made excellent companion animals for horses . I hope maybe these donkeys available for adoption could find a job doing companion work for a retired horse in a paddock or some thing like that.

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