Horse Vital Signs- Free Download

*UPDATE: Please note these normal vital sign numbers are for the ADULT horse. I have only ever kept adult horses at home so that is my orientation. A comment from a reader made me remember that vital sign numbers are different for foals verses adults. Here is a link that includes a great infographic that shows both adult AND foal vital sign numbers for those who might benefit from that info:

Even after almost twenty years of horse-keeping, I struggle to recall the numbers associated with normal horse vital signs. And I can guarantee that during an emergency, my recall will not get any better.

While I don’t take my horses’ vitals that often, I have found it useful to do so during instances where I am trying to decide whether or not to call the veterinarian. If my horse seems a little off, but their vital signs are within normal ranges, I might take a wait and see approach. But if I am able to identify an increased temperature or heart rate, for example, I am more apt to call the vet immediately.

My relaying abnormal vital-sign numbers to the veterinarian may give a better picture of my horse’s condition than my own vague “he just doesn’t seem like himself” description.

Since I have trouble keeping all the relevant vital sign numbers in my head, I like to store a print-out in my first aid kit. I’ve seen various versions over the years, but I have to say that I really like this one from feed manufacturer, Standlee, that is shown in the photo at the top of this post (photo taken from the Standlee website).

If you’d like your own copy, the chart is free to download at

All good information for any equestrian to have at the ready.

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  1. Thankyou, I have a family friend who’s 2 mares are in foal, it’s the families first time at witnessing such a magical event, the Mares will be fine they have done it before. Info like this will help calm the families nerves at least. ( ;

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    1. I just sent a reply message, but it hasn’t shown up in the comments section yet so here is a repeat! First off, congratulations on your family-friends impending births! Your comment reminded me that vital signs for foals are different than for adult horses. I should have noted that in my post, but didn’t, so I am going to update it with that info. I have only ever kept adult horses at home so that is my orientation when I write about horses. In doing so, I left out the youngsters. Here is a link with a great info graph that shows both adult AND foal horse vital signs (it is from a tack store no less, but the info matches other sources I found). Hopefully your friends will find that information more complete, with vital signs numbers to correspond with both mothers and newborns!


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