Winner Announcement of The $50 GiftECard to Great British Equinery!

Congratulations to Tracie N., our latest winner of a contest hosted by The Backyard Horse Blog!

The contest was announced in last Friday’s post. Powered by the platform Rafflecopter, the winner was randomly selected. Thank you to Rafflecopter for the assistance in running the contest and to Great British Equinery for providing the goods! Thank you also to everyone who took the time to participate in the contest!

Remember, even if you didn’t win, readers can still use the special coupon code BYHB to receive 10% off at Great British Equinery!

Speaking of shopping, I notice that more than one equestrian retailer is offering some early holiday deals ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I wrote previously about how I usually save up money all year so I can take advantage of the many discounts and free offers. See the post at

Master Plan For Cyber Monday: prepping for all that horse shopping 🙂

It’s definitley part of my budgeting strategy to better afford the things that I want but yet are normally out of my price range. I notice this year that some of the deals are starting early so between now and Cyber Monday 2021, I plan to do a couple of posts listing the horse-related shopping deals that I am coming across as I comb the internet. Stay tuned . . .

Congrats again to our latest blog contest winner!

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