Horse-Care-in-Cold-Climates Round Up (plus something for those of you still dealing with flies)

In my neck of the woods, I am at the start of an annual Winter season that holds mostly cold, clouds, rain, ice and snow. Lots of swings between frozen ground and mud too. All this takes place over a long five months.

Winter holds plenty of horse care and riding challenges for me. Challenges that result in my riding far less often than I would like. Challenges where I find myself constantly battling the elements while feeling stiff, sore and exhausted. With painfully frozen fingers too.

Fortunately, Winter also holds moments of beauty and delight too. Like the sight of my horses’ warm breath blowing into the cold air. Or the feel of their thick, wooly coats (at least when I can stand the cold enough to take off my gloves). And then there’s the fun of riding bareback through freshly fallen snow.

For those of you who experience a similar season, I have compiled a “Winter Roundup” of a few previous Winter posts with corresponding Pinterest pins. Hopefully you can find a useful tip or hint among them to apply to your own cold weather situation.

Six Ideas For What To Do If You Can’t Ride During Winter (A Guest Blog Post that I wrote for the Savvy Horsewoman Blog)

The Beauty of Horses in Snow

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Does Your Horse Wear A Grazing Muzzle During Winter?

Winter Barn Hack: Help For The Reluctant Hay Eater

Fun and Festive Winter Horse-Craft

While I know that readers on the other side of the world from me are experiencing warm weather, there are some right here in my own country who are still dealing with flies too. So here is something you might find more applicable. An Absorbine fly spray rebate!

The offer is for Absorbine’s Ultra Shield Ex, Green, Red and Sport (gallon size bottles only). It is a $10 rebate offer for every gallon you purchase. Up to 10 gallons.

I received several of these rebates earlier this year so I know that the offer is legitimate. The trick is that you have to find gallons to purchase that already come with the little rebate tag attached.

This year, I purchased gallons from two different retailers and received the tags on both. I have also seen the gallons with the rebate tags at my local Tractor Supply Company store. But if you are purchasing your gallons online, I suggest checking with the seller to ask if they have those rebate tags on their gallons. If you want to see a sample of what the rebate tags look like (I already mailed all of mine in so I don’t have one to show you), here is an image of it that I found on under their rebates and promotions section (please note their “click for details button” does not work here on The Back Yard Horse Blog):

It does take quite awhile to receive the rebate once you mail it in. I think mine each took like two to three months. If you want to save money on postage, wait until you purchase all your fly spray gallons for the year and mail them in all at once. The $10 rebate is issued on a debit card like this one below:

The Absorbine rebate offer runs through 12/31/22 with a limit of 10 rebates per household (you may note that the image taken from the PBS Animal Health website leads with the offer ending 12/21/21, but if you read the actual details on the image, it states that the offer runs through 12/31/22). That means for those of us who won’t be purchasing more fly spray until next April/May, there’s still time to take advantage.

I have made a note on my 2022 calendar to look for those gallons with the rebate tags again when I am ready to buy in the Spring. What does that say about me that I am actually looking forward to having to purchase fly spray again?

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