Announcing The Buck Channel

If you enjoy learning from Buck Brannaman, you might find the upcoming The Buck Channel of interest!

Brannaman is a famous horse trainer and clinician, promoting the California vaquero style of horsemanship. His own horsemanship mentors include the also famous Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance.

No surprise that I have not ridden in one of his clinics, but I read his book The Faraway Horses and have seen his articles in Eclectic Horseman Magazine. I have also viewed the Seven Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD set.

In a recent Eclectic Horseman Magazine article (that I underlined and highlighted as seen in the above photo), the author quotes Brannaman about the impetus for creating the channel.

“I’ve always been bit of a dinosaur about technology and social media,” says Buck, “but after last year, when I couldn’t do what I’ve been doing for 40 years, I thought it’s possible that my life working as I know it is over. And then I thought, if that was the case, what did I leave behind.” —-From article appearing in the Nov/Dec 2021 issue of Eclectic Horseman “A New Way to Learn From Buck” by Emily Kitching

Video content will reflect a continuum of rider levels from rank beginner to advanced, long time riders. As the article continues, Brannman describes the channel format.

“Rather than filming full-length videos, which do have their place, with this you might be sitting on your horse, thinking ‘How do I back a circle?’ I’m missing something here.’ Well, then you can go to The Buck Channel, scroll down the list of videos, find backing circles. Watch it for 5 minutes while you’re sitting on your horse, put your phone in your pocket and say “Thanks Buck” and then you have your answer.”

The channel is not up and running as of this writing, although hopefully it will be soon. There is no information yet regarding pricing. The channel website currently states that interested horseman can email the channel to ask Buck a question that he might choose to later answer through the video topics. I like the idea of being able to potentially help shape future content!

If you are interested, the email address is, and the channel website is

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