Horse Owners in Kentucky and Surrounding Tornado-Affected States

A huge line of powerful storms recently rolled through middle America, spawning tornadoes across six states.

Whenever I hear of disaster affected areas, I think of all the folks with animals. I hear of the struggles in coping with losses and providing continued daily care when their own health, safety and resources are at risk. Maybe no water, no power, no cell phone service. Barns, shelters, fences torn down. Hay, feed, equipment blown away or rained on. All while the pandemic continues.

In scouring the internet, I came across several resources for folks who are looking for horse-care assistance such as temporary housing, transportation out of an area or hay/feed.

If you are aware of other organizations or individuals that are offering assistance to horse owners, please add them in the comments section. As cell phone/internet service is restored, you never know who will stumble on this page in the quest to access resources. The more ideas the better.

Fleet of Angels
Fleet of Angles is most well-known for providing emergency transportation services for horse owners nationwide, but they also distribute money to those affected by disasters. Horse owners affected by the recent tornados can apply for emergency micro-grants to assist with horse care (like hay, repair materials, vet bills) at

Kentucky Equine Humane Society
Per a recent Facebook post on their page: “DO YOU NEED HELP FOR YOUR HORSES AFTER RECENT WEATHER DISASTER? If your pasture fencing has been destroyed or you need a temporary safe space for your horses after recent tornadoes that have swept across our state please contact Kentucky Humane Society about temporary sheltering options or a safe place for your horses. Our hearts go out to all those who have experienced loss or damage due to the recent storms and we would like to help horses in need if we can.”
Contact: Call our Horse Helpline: 502-272-1068 or email

Heartland Equine Rescue in Southern Indiana
Heartland operates through a network of foster homes. According to their Facebook page, Heartland has already taken in two horses whose pasture shelter and fences were destroyed by tornados.

This link is specifically for survivors with pets and animals. It comes from TV station, WPSD Local 6, serving western Kentucky, southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and northwest Tennessee:

For ideas on how to help the wider communities impacted, this article from The Lexington Herald notes numerous organizations that are accepting volunteers, blood donations and money donations.

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