Have You Heard Of Everythinghorses Consignments?

Need to clean out your tack room/closet? Do you have items in great condition but that you just don’t want or use? If you are US based, consider partnering with http://www.everythinghorses.com to sell your items via consignment online!

I know that the notion of Spring cleaning gets all the attention, but I also find Winter to be a great time to do some sorting and organizing.

While you can always choose to donate your unwanted items to a horse rescue or therapeutic riding center, there may be things you’d prefer to sell for cash. Everythinghorses is one place you can do just that.

Note that their focus is on English Huntseat-type tack and clothing, so if you lean Western, this isn’t the place to sell your cowboy boots. BUT, remember that stable supplies are pretty universal. Many of us use the same horse blankets and halters, no matter our chosen riding discipline.

After recently receiving a pair of English riding boots that did not fit me and that I could not return, I contacted Everythinghorses for a “clean out kit”.

In the mail I received a 19×24 bag, free shipping label and a grooming cloth with their logo on it. I don’t know if they send something like that to every customer, but I have to say that I love it when I get a little bit of lagniappe when I shop.

I managed to get a “clean out kit” near the start of the website’s launch and the kits were offered completely free with no upfront money required at all.

I see now on their website that their pricing structure for the kit has changed. They currently list two choices for a basic clean out kit (saddle clean out kits are pricier due to the cost of shipping a large item):

$10 CLEAN OUT KIT- You can a “free” clean out kit and a $10 “automatic coupon applied at checkout” towards the purchase of a consignment shop item.


$15 CLEAN OUT KIT- This kit comes with “Return Assurance” that you will be mailed the item back if it doesn’t sell.

I filled out their consignment form, stuck the shipping label on the bag and mailed off my pair of boots to their store. I now see that the boots are in fact listed for sale on their website. If the boots sell, I will get my choice of 40% of the sale in store credit or 50% of the sale in cash via PayPal.

I will stick a note of caution in here- If they chose not to accept an item or if the item doesn’t sell within a designated time period, you don’t get any money and your item is not returned to you (if you don’t purchase the “Return Assurance” mentioned above). The good news is that they will instead donate the item to one of their horse non-profit partners.

I DO like that donation aspect of their business plan, but if you have your heart set on getting money for your item or if you want the item back if it doesn’t sell, this might not be the right store for you.

If you want to give them a try, I highly suggesting carefully reading the information on their website about what they do and do not accept. This will increase your chances that Everythinghorses will accept your item in the first place and not being immediately rejected.

To learn more/to purchase a “clean out” kit, go to www.everythinghorses.com.


By the way, whether you use Everythinghorses or not, clearing out unused horse stuff is kind of a perfect activity for those of us who are finding their riding time cut short during brutal Winter weather. That’s me right now!

Speaking of lack of riding time, I will use this opportunity to make a plug for my new e-booklet “What To Do When You Can’t Ride? Ten horse-related activities for when life keeps you out of the saddle.” It is now for sale on TheBackYardHorseShop.

The proverbial wisdom is to “write what you know.” I have a lot of experience with not being able to ride as often as I would like so the subject seemed a good fit for my first booklet. I am hoping it could help fellow equestrians as they try to cope with this common problem.

“What To Do When You Can’t Ride? Ten horse-related activities for when life keeps you out of the saddle” is suitable for all horse-lovers, whether you have your own horse or not. No actual horse is required for any of the suggested activities. The 12 page e-booklet is sold in the form of a digital download PDF that you can either read right on your computer or print out.

Stay tuned for a “part II” edition that I am currently designing. It will contain ten more non-riding activity ideas!

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