Having Trouble Lately Finding Products For Your Horse?

Bet you noticed the rise in consumer prices lately. You also likely entered a store (or website) recently and left without the product you were seeking. It was not in stock.

In the last year, I similarly noticed prices rising both for horse services and horse products. But unlike a recent trip to the grocery store where iceberg lettuce was nowhere to be found, obtaining horse products has not been difficult for me.

That all changed when I went last week to refill an Equioxx prescription for my horse, Bear.

Equioxx is an NSAID for horses to control inflammation and pain. Bear was first prescribed Equioxx in the Fall of 2017 to address signs of arthritis.

Back then, Bear started struggling to get his hind legs to flex and move after laying down for a nap. He appeared to rise well. But then be initially stiff-legged and limp until he loosed up.

Fortunately, Equioxx quickly addressed this issue. It eliminated the limp. Over four years later, I am still pleased with how it helps him.

When I tried to refill Bear’s Equioxx this month, I saw that the product was out of stock at the online pharmacy where I usually buy his prescriptions. No problem, I thought. I have a list of about seven online alternative pharmacies. Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t find it anywhere.

That’s when I panicked. I wondered how long Bear could go without Equioxx before he’d struggle to rise and walk. And how quickly I’d need to make the choice for euthanasia to avoid further suffering. I became so distraught that I started crying. Like big huge tears streaming down my soon red, puffy face.

Dramatic? Maybe. But both price fluctuations and access to products sometimes do have real life, negative consequences.

And in my defense, with the way I am apparently wired, I tend to immediately imagine disaster scenarios at the first signs of trouble. Did I mention I was especially tired that morning too?

As my computer screen went completely blurry, I whipped out a Kleenex tissue. I took a minute to pray, breath and drink some water. These actions helped center myself back into the present moment.

It’s funny how often I have to remind myself to stay in the here and now. Possibility awareness and preparation has its place. But becoming emotionally reactive about something that has not happened yet to the point where I become super distressed is an old, unhelpful habit that I have yet to break.

So, while wondering if Kleenex would be the next thing I’d find out of stock, I dried my tears. I could then see the computer screen and the situation more clearly.

It occurred to me that this supply chain issue was likely temporary. I might be able to wait this out?

With that thought, I decided to count Bear’s remaining pills. I discovered almost a month’s worth left. I also made a plan to contact my veterinarian once their office opened later that morning to get a list of potential alternative treatments. I could then make a plan before Bear’s pills ran out.

I recalled the equivalent medication for dogs used to be prescribed for horses before Equioxx became available. I also remembered that symptoms of arthritis can sometimes be controlled by topical products, injectables and even supplements in certain situations. I felt some relief thinking that there might actually be a doable solution less drastic than euthanasia.

True, I’ll likely have to make that final appointment for Bear someday. “But today would not be the day,” I told myself.

As it turned out, while my veterinarian’s online pharmacy was in fact out of Equioxx, their office had some bottles for sale at the desk. Crisis averted!

I recount my story to hopefully save readers from a similar panic. I can’t promise your vet will have a stash of otherwise unavailable medication. But I do think it is helpful to remember that most supply-chain issues are in fact temporary. Ditto for realizing that many conditions can respond to a variety of treatments.

Be proactive in getting your animals what they need? Sure. Call your veterinarian to discuss the situation and solutions? Definitely. Please don’t come apart at the seams.


Speaking of product availability . . . Do you know one thing that is NOT in short supply? My printable products on my new Etsy store, TheBackYardHorseShop. How is that for a segue!

For those of you unaware, I opened TheBackYardHorseShop on Etsy at the very end of December 2021. The shop offers all printable products for instant, digital download.

Listings include my 2022 horsemanship-goal worksheets, horse bookmarks and my first ebooklet “What To Do When You Can’t Ride? Ten horse-related activities for when life keeps you out of the saddle.” See the little photo- slideshow below.

I want to give a special shout out to The Backyard Horse Blog reader who made my first sale. I won’t reveal your name here, but you know who you are! What you don’t know is how excited I was about it. So thank you!

What about you? Did you visit the shop but didn’t find anything you wanted to buy? Don’t do printables? Fair enough.

Instead, would you please consider passing on awareness of the shop to horse family/barn buddies/your equestrian social media followers? If you know anyone who you think might enjoy the ebooklet or the other printable products, please send them the link to the shop at


2 thoughts on “Having Trouble Lately Finding Products For Your Horse?

  1. Nice post Mary Lynn . I have not had any trouble finding horse products other than stud muffins. Biasini had to go on to allergy meds due to breaking out in hives when he arrived in Florida. This happens to him every year he comes here. The allergy pills had to go into a stud muffin for him to swallow . But when I went to the Tackeria and they were sold out! They said they get them in and the sell out. A week later I saw they had some . Just two bags left so I bought the bigger one. He is finished the pills now and we hope he can stay off them. He is now on an immune regulator supplement that the vet recommended and hopefully it will keep the hives at bay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Anne. Tell Biasini I hope that his hives stay far away (or in “Biasini speak” maybe he’d pronounce them as “HiFives”? 🙂 ), but that if he ever needs the pills again, I also hope the Stud Muffins remain in good supply! I bet they do make the pills go down better for him.


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