Free Online Horsemanship Fair!

Here’s an opportunity to watch horsemanship videos for FREE!

This online horse fair, brought to you by the Art of The Horseman, will feature over 130 online presentations all about horses and horsemanship. That’s 60+ hours of video content.

You can view the videos for FREE on January 24th and 25th, 2022. Anyone with internet access worldwide can view this large selection of videos from an international lineup of horse professionals in a variety of disciplines. Past those dates, you have to pay to view the videos.

Back in 2020, I posted about a previous Art of The Horseman fair. I have to say I really enjoyed the presentations I viewed at that time. Unfortunately, some of my favorite presenters from 2020 are not in the 2022 lineup. But one presenter is, Noah Tillman-Young.

Noah Tillman-Young operates his training business out of Grace Ranch in Texas (USA). I previously watched a great video of his about trailer loading. It’s an issue I have had plenty of problems with over the years. I really liked how calm and methodical he was about helping a reluctant horse load.

Lots of the Art of The Horseman Fair videos are about riding, but many touch on other issues like this trailer loading one I saw and more. The videos are grouped into three sections:

Human mindset, riding, health

Horse mind, body, spirit


I had to laugh when I saw that one of the 2022 video presentations will be “16 Steps to Solving Separation Anxiety Undersaddle” by Warwick Schiller. Like trailer loading, that’s another horsemanship issue I’ve struggled with. Seems like every time this horsemanship fair comes around that there’s always something that touches a nerve.

To receive your free ticket to the fair, go to and click on the picture that says “free ticket click here.” On the becauseofthehorse website, you can see the list of presenters and presentations schedule.

Once you get your ticket, you will receive more information about the fair via email (as well as info about how you can buy a membership to view the videos past the two free dates). On the day of the fair opening, you will receive an email reminder about the timing of the free video access so you will know when it goes live.

Mark your calendars for this FREE online learning opportunity!

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