TOP 10 POSTS OF 2021

Hope you enjoyed last week’s recap of 2021 with each of my horses, Bear, Shiloh and Piper.

I’m going to close out the month of January, and my look back at 2021, with a “Top 10” list of The Backyard Horse Blog’s posts that received the highest number of views last year.

Most of these posts were actually written in 2021, but my second most viewed post was written in 2020. It’s fun for me to see an older post continue to resonate with fellow horse folks.

Curious about which post took the number one spot? Here is the most viewed post of 2021:

Today’s post will be my only one for this week. Going forward, I’ve decided to change things up a bit by trying a 2x a week posting schedule for 2022 with posts going out on Mondays and Friday (starting next week).

In the meantime, please check out this list below. See if there’s something you’d like to read for the first time or re-read. Just click on each individual post’s link.

By the way, do you have a favorite post? I’m not just looking for a good wither scratch here. I’d be interested to read what post(s) resonated the most so I can create similar content for you in 2022.

Was there a post that was particularly helpful, entertaining or thought provoking? Please give me feedback in the comments section or by emailing me at


  1. Obstacle Idea: Using Traffic Cone Bars
  2. Ten Ideas For Staying In The Saddle If You Struggle With Riding Alone
  3. Activities For The Unridden Horse
  4. Would You Rather? Equestrian Edition- First Installment
  5. New Documentary Film: Lady Long Rider
  6. Does Your Horse Wear A Grazing Muzzle During Winter?
  7. Product Review: Tough 1 EZ Out Safety Stirrup
  8. Announcing The Buck Channel
  9. 2 Gaited Horses: Compare and Contrast
  10. Have You Seen The Constant Comfort Block?

2 thoughts on “TOP 10 POSTS OF 2021

    1. Thanks, Anne! I enjoy reading these sorts of lists on other blogs, so I figured I’d put one out on The Backyard Horse Blog. Whether it comes from my own blog or not, I think it is interesting to see what topics capture the most peoples’ attention.


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