Want Solid Riding Advice? Go To The Horse Listening Website

If you are looking for solid riding advice to advance your understanding and skills, I recommend heading over to the Horse Listening website and perusing their article archives. The Horse Listening website is one of my favorite places to read about riding concepts and get practical advice about what to do in the saddle.

Their focus is English riding, specifically dressage, but so much of their material applies to any type of riding. The first article listed below really speaks to that idea. It’s all just good horsemanship no matter your saddle preference.

Their archives are extensive, so if you aren’t sure what to read first, here are my top six picks of the moment. As I contemplate my riding goals and themes for the new year, these articles speak to issues that I want to address in my own riding.

Happy horse-reading!

Living Horse Life In The Basics

How To Be An Active Horseback Rider- aka- Riding With Intention

Why Black and White Is Better Than Gray In Horse Riding

Secrets To A Great Turn- aka- Shift Out to Turn In

A Question of Imbalance- Can You Tell?

17 Things I Learned While Developing My Seat

3 thoughts on “Want Solid Riding Advice? Go To The Horse Listening Website

  1. Hi I really enjoyed this blog post I am not new to riding but I have not ridden much in many many years and I am new to riding with a saddle ( western ) for my horse so thank you for sharing this info I will be looking at it. I just got my first horse a month ago I had ridden other peoples horses so let the fun start lol I wish I could keep my horse ( Blue ) at my home but no room but I volunteer at a local farm and they let me keep him there so I am still with him everyday đŸ˜€ Have a wonderful day, God Bless

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    1. Congratulations on your new horse! I visited your blog and saw how handsome your Blue is. That’s wonderful you found a place for him to live that is close to you and allows you to visit with him daily. I bet you are having a blast. I am so glad you enjoyed my post and appreciate your taking the time to read The Backyard Horse Blog and comment. Thank you!

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