Have You Shopped For Horse-Products At Corro? (Discount Code For New Customers!)

As consumer costs continue to rise, I appreciate the opportunity to compare prices at different stores and websites. Especially for anything horse. I’ve long shopped at places like Smartpak Equine, Riding Warehouse, Dover Saddlery, Valley Vet Supply and Jeffers. And even more recently, Chewy.

But now, there is also Corro! Founded in the Summer of 2019, Corro is relatively new on the scene. I had heard about them but had not chosen to shop there until I won a much appreciated Corro gift card from the website, Decidedly Equestrian. This made me take the time to visit the Corro website and finally place my first order.

I discovered that while not all of Corro’s prices are competitive with other online retailers yet, Corro does offer opportunities for consumers to save money. For example, their minimum-order total to obtain free shipping is $49. And they offer a shopping-rewards program (Corro Rewards) that allows the shopper to earn discounts towards future purchases.

I also like the fact that Corro supports some selected horse-related organizations and makes it easy for their customers to donate if they so choose.

My order wasn’t anything too exciting. Just vet wrap and fly-spray that I like to keep stocked for the next time I’ll need them. But besides product basics, Corro does have more fun stuff too. For example, colorful equestrian-themed dessert plates that I have not seen elsewhere.

Long story short, I received the items I bought in good order without any problems. I would definitely consider buying from them again.

If you have not purchased from Corro before and would like to give them a try, I have a special link here that will give you $10 off your first order AND allow me to earn Corro shopping rewards for bringing new customers their way. The special link is https://prZ.io/r3ZaAJNt3.

It will take you to the Corro website where a separate pop-up will appear, noting a discount code you can enter at checkout to receive the ten dollars off (from your order of ten dollars or more)! How fun is that?!

Please note you can only get one discount code on the Corro website per order so you can’t layer this offer with a second discount like you can at some other websites. If you have come across another Corro discount code besides this one, you will have to choose which one you want to use on your order. You can’t use both.

If you decide to give Corro a try, let me know what you think of them in the comments section!

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