Horsin’ Around On April Fool’s Day

With a nod to April Fool’s Day, I am reblogging a previous April 1st post filled with corny horse jokes and riddles. Hopefully good for at least one smile or laugh. 🙂

The Backyard Horse Blog

I need some comic relief! So today, I am giving a nod to April Fool’s Day with a compilation of horse jokes, puns and silly sayings for some unbridled laughs. So let’s quit stalling and get to it.

Bear thinks these jokes and puns are pretty funny!

The LaffGaff website says “We’re not trying to stirrup trouble, but we reckon these are the best horse jokes and puns you’ll find…. there’s no night-mare jokes here!”

The following are my favorites from the LaffGaff horse-related joke list:

  • 100 years ago everyone owned horses and only the rich drove cars. These days everyone drives cars and only the rich own horses. Oh, how the stables have turned.
  • What did the horse say when it fell down? “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t giddy up!”
  • What do you call a horse that lives next door to you? A neigh-bor.
  • When do vampires like…

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