Have you shopped Poshmark for Equestrian Clothing?

***Please note this post was unsolicited and uncompensated by Poshmark. I took the Poshmark logo posted above from their website so readers will know what their branding looks like.***

Poshmark is an online resale website for those in the USA, Canada, Australia and India. It helps you unload your unwanted items as well as find bargains for sale.

While Poshmark is best known as a clothing resale site, you can also buy/sell home, beauty and pet items.

Poshmark even adds a social networking twist where buyers and sellers can follow each other through their individual Poshmark accounts.

So what does any of this have to do with horses? Equestrians can buy/sell pre-owned equestrian clothing through Poshmark!

Just type in a well-known equestrian brand like Kerrits, Ariat, Arista, Hobby Horse, Noble Outfitters, Tuff Rider or even simply the word “equestrian” to see what is currently available.

While shipping costs inevitably increase the final price of what you purchase, you will likely spend less on clothing through this site than buying new from a store. As someone who appreciates a bargain, Poshmark fits the bill for me.

But what I particularly like is that Poshmark helps me locate brands/styles that are discontinued.

Why discontinued? Well, my body proportions are atypical. I have a difficult time finding clothing that fits. Once I find a brand or style of clothing that actually covers me the way I like, I want to stick with it.

Unfortunately, brands (and the styles within those brands) come and go. Since I don’t buy new clothes that often, I frequently find that items I want to repurchase have been discontinued by the time I go to buy again.

I’ve turned to Poshmark more than once to find a discontinued brand or style, now being sold as a gently used item. I can’t buy the item new in the store anymore, but I can sometimes find it on Poshmark!

See what kind of equestrian-related treasures you can find on Poshmark today.

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