A Review Of My Equestrian Product Reviews: “Most Used” Edition

I thought it would be fun to take a look at all my product reviews posted to date. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if the products I wrote about are items I still use?

I will start by saying that I stand by all my reviews. I have not changed my opinion about any posted products. However, I did notice that some items are just more closely woven into my everyday horse-life than others. This is as opposed to products that I very much like, but only use under special circumstances. Say, for example, things like leg wraps or bell boots.

So without further ado, here is what made my list of “most used of the reviews.” Products are listed in alphabetical order.

Absorbine Cool Down Cooling Rinse: Herbal After Work-Out Rinse

Harrison Howard Fly Masks

Lavender Products For Your That Your Horse Might Like Too


Tiger’s Tounge

Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Cinch

Tough 1 EZ Out Safety Stirrup

Wahl Arco Cordless Trimmer

How about you? Are any of your own most used products on this list?

Now that I have product reviews on the brain, stay tuned for a new one coming up next post. I’ll be writing about an item I have happily used for over a year now.

4 thoughts on “A Review Of My Equestrian Product Reviews: “Most Used” Edition

  1. My mare goes crazy for the Absorbine rinse. I can’t even pour it into the water without her nickering lke crazy. She LOVES it. I haven’t had a chance to use it on the new guy so jury is out or him, but I still use it on Gem.

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    1. Hi, Sara! Good to know you are a fellow fan of Absorbine’s Cool Down rinse. How fun that your mare likes it so much that she will nicker for it! My horse, Shiloh, still curls up his lip almost every time I spray it on him. 🙂


    1. Nibblenets are definitely my go-to hay bag. They last for years, even when hung around my run-in shed and subject to all the elements. And as you say, they cut down on hay waste and make the hay last longer. Glad Biasini approves of them too!

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