Hot As All Get-Out!

In my area, we are experiencing a prolonged period of wicked high humidity. With dewpoints around 70, the air is considered tropical. It’s that heavy, soupy, wet-blanket-type weather.

I have managed a couple of short bareback rides, but that’s been about it for mounted work.

As I explained in a 2020 post, We Ride At Dawn, these hot and humid days necessitate very early morning rides for me.

Early morning coincides with the time period when I turn my horses out to graze. So if Shiloh’s or Piper’s grass-eating time is shortened in order to go for a ride, I offer them a hay bag while I groom.

Nevertheless, in the following photo, Shiloh might have been wondering why he had to work while Piper and Bear got to graze. I think that’s horse FOMO.

You can almost see how thick the air is in the photos. Absolutely stifling weather.

So with my riding-time limited, I busy myself with extra barn chores. I do things like restacking hay and scrubbing water troughs.

Also been counting how many bags of bedding and stall deodorizer I will likely use in my horses’ run-in shed over the Winter. ‘Cause soon enough, I’ll be complaining about cold, wind, ice, mud and snow instead of heat and humidity.

I know I’m not the only one who lives in a place with ridiculous extremes in weather. So when I saw the following post, I knew I would want to share it.

Once you’ve sweated through all your barn chores, if you are ever looking for some indoor “rainy day” or “hot-as-all-get-out day” activities, take a look at these three DIY videos sponsored by Maryland Saddlery at

Their current Summer intern, Brooke, made three videos that are three minutes or less. ***side note- Oh how I would have loved to intern for a horse businesses during college!***

The video topics are making horse popsicles, designing ribbon photo frames and whipping up your very own fly spray. All three ideas would also make entertaining projects for a barn party, horse-lover birthday party or a summer camp activity.

I need to gather up the necessary supplies before I give these ideas a try, but if this rough stretch of weather continues, I will have plenty of time to experiment. Boy, is it hot out there!

6 thoughts on “Hot As All Get-Out!

    1. Hi, Emma! I imagine you know the store well! I have not visited Maryland Saddlery in person, but I have gotten some good discounts on riding apparel from them online. And I sold a pair of boots via their online consignment store too. I am a fan.


  1. checking in on the hot as F bandwagon. UGH we do have a bit cooler today due to some showers but ugh the sun is killing me. I cut grass on Sunday till I thought I would pass out. I feel the sun is so intense in Aug it makes everything hotter. I haven’t ridden in two weeks! Good on you!

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    1. Ha, Cutting the grass has been hard for me too. I have avoided it during this humid weather but things started to look so untidy. My place looked like no one lives here. I ended up doing a touch of mowing yesterday just for appearances, but the rest will have to wait for better weather.

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