Loyalty Reward Programs For Horse Feed and Products

Do you participate in any loyalty programs for horse products, feed or supplements from specific brands?

As someone who likes to save money wherever I can, I appreciate these types of programs.

For example, I am a member of Nutrena’s Plaid Perks program. I recently redeemed my points for a $10 off coupon on a bag of Nutrena’s Topline Balance (ration balancer). The coupon was easy to redeem at my local Tractor Supply Company.

The Plaid Perks program allows members to accumulate points by uploading receipts for Nutrena products already purchased.

In addition, you can also earn points by visiting the Plaid Perks website and viewing videos, reading articles and taking quizzes. New opportunities to earn extra points are put on the website once a month or so. You have regular opportunities to accumulate points, even if you don’t buy a ton of feed.

Interested? Sign up at https://www.plaidperks.com/ and start earning points today.

While the Plaid Perks program is the only one I have signed up for so far, I am aware of three other programs that may be of interest to readers:

Horse Care Loyalty Rewards
This is a combined program by Farnam, Horse Health Products and Vita Flex. Participants can get a free product when they buy a certain quantity of selected products from these manufacturers.

Ultra Shield Rewards
Last year, I posted about an Ultra Shield rebate program giving the buyer $10 off a gallon of Ultra Shield. I now suspect that rebate offer was discontinued and has been replaced with this new rewards program. Sign up for the program, upload your Ultra Shield Fly Spray receipts, accumulate points and receive coupons for future purchases.

Platinum Rewards
Earn points towards future purchases when you buy Platinum supplements either directly from Platinum Performance or from your veterinarian.

Do you participate in a program that I have not listed here? Please let me know in the comments section. Your fellow readers and I would enjoy learning about other ways to save some horse $$$!

5 thoughts on “Loyalty Reward Programs For Horse Feed and Products

    1. Ah, sounds like you stand to benefit from the Nutrena Plaid Perks program then! I have not had any issues in printing out nor redeeming the coupons. It has also been easy for me to upload photos of my feed receipts as part of the point accumulation process. So far so good!


  1. aw I miss my loyalty rewards> I used to buy my dog food at this awesome pet store that was locally owned. The people were always nice and the sold horse things as well. But sadly they were bought out and the business died . I was so sad. They had a great loyalty program where you could get an 11th bag of dog fod for free.

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    1. Oh, I feel sad about good store closures, too! Just this Summer, I had a feed store only a few miles from my house shutter its doors. Great customer service. Accepted coupons. Participated in manufacturer rebate programs. It is weird how I can mourn the loss of a store, but I do!

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