End of Summer View

I don’t live in a particularly scenic area of the Midwest. I am flanked by flat, open farmland. When you go to purchase property anywhere, beauty is expensive. Adding trees, mountain vistas or water easily adds tens of thousands to a property’s price tag.

To fulfill my dream of keeping horses at home, I gave up the prospect of living in a more picturesque location. I have very fond memories of living within view of the ocean while residing overseas. Likewise my time spent living near mountain ranges and spectacular red stone cliffs in the Western part of the USA.

But I have to say that at certain times of the year, I do find some of the views around my property to be quite attractive. The end of the Summer season is one of those times.

While most things stay a verdant green in my area from Spring through Fall, the landscape becomes more colorful as the days get shorter. The light seems to soften at certain times of the day. The soybean fields start to turn a golden yellow, creating an eye-catching backdrop against the green leaves still visible underneath. Bright yellow wild flowers, native to the area, reach their full height and add to the vista.

It’s been an unusually hot, dry Summer for me. Often, my South pasture is too wet to ride. I hate to tear up moist ground or risk the horses slipping around while I am on top. But this year, the pasture has often been the best place to ride. My trusty round pen’s footing has been so hard and coarse due to the dryness this Summer, frequently making the pasture the more inviting riding option.

The pasture isn’t that big. Maybe a couple of acres? But Shiloh has not spent much time in it since he came to live with me in 2018. So when we ride there, it feels like we are going on a bit of an adventure. Shiloh seems to enjoy strolling along and gazing around at the scenery.

He also loves taking little standing breaks under the shade of trees along the far fence line. As we stand there, Shiloh looks out across the landscape as though he’s considering something. I’d love to be a “fly on the wall” inside his mind. I wonder what he thinks about.

As the scenery starts to change, I feel the weather cooling. Although it’s still on the whole quite warm. I hook bottles of fly spray up by the fence while I ride in case I need it as the last of the Summer bugs are vicious. I can now buy Pumpkin Spice everything at the grocery store too.

I am reminded that I only have a couple more months to ride at home until Winter sets in. Winter with its wind, mud and freezing temperatures. Some snow and ice mixed in too. The trees will be bare with the skies mostly grey over my property for a good four to five months.

So here’s to late season riding. Being in the saddle while I still can. Enjoying that end of Summer view with the help of my horse.

3 thoughts on “End of Summer View

  1. It’s so nice to have a variety of places to ride. Indoor arenas have their place and all… but I think both my horse and I would go a bit nuts if we were stuck in one full time!

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