What I’m Reading Now

Sometimes it is fun for me to splurge on a set of horse books!

I read them, take copious notes and photocopy certain pages or illustrations for inclusion in my horse journal.

The books I find most helpful, I keep. The rest get resold to recoup some of my costs. I then save up for the next set of books I want to read.

I purchased these titles, including Mark Rashid’s newest book, through Trafalgar Square Publishing at their HorseandRiderBooks website.

If you are interested in any of these books (or one of their hundreds of other books or DVD’s), please consider using this blog’s affiliate link to make your purchase.

Depending upon the device you use to read this blog, you should find the HorseandRiderBooks affiliate link on the right-hand side of your screen or at the very bottom once you scroll through all the posts.

The link is the photo of a woman reading a book to a horse. Click on the photo to be taken to the HorseandRiderBooks website. This blog will then receive a much-appreciated portion of your sales at no extra cost to you!

For those outside the USA, please note that the HorseandRiderBooks website is US based. They ship to the US and Canada (although the more expensive postage to Canada is not included in the price like it is for US customers). They do not ship internationally unfortunately. BUT, they DO offer lots of eBooks for sale through the Glassboxx phone app. They also have publishing relationships with book publishers in the Australia, Europe, the UK and New Zealand. For more information, go to https://www.horseandriderbooks.com/individual-customer/.

Based on my recent purchases, I might spin out a new book review. Or maybe weave my favorite book quotes into a future blog post(s).

Horse books often have the power to fuel a passion for improvement and promote creativity, both inside and outside of the barn. I’m interested to see what develops with my new set of reads.

10 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now

    1. Thank you so much for considering the link! One caution I have about the Riders of A Certain Age book is that it is more geared towards new riders. I liked reading the book but I didn’t get as much out of it as I hoped to simply because of that issue. Can’t wait to get through this set of four books and then figure out what I want to read next!

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    1. Ha! Age is very much a matter of perspective, yes? I remember when I thought 30 was positively ancient. Now it seems quite young to me. But it is fun to see equestrians of all ages enjoying horses. I love how animals don’t seem to care about a person’s age but instead respond to one’s inner character. No age discrimination from them!

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      1. Ha, yes! 40 seems younger to me every day now. 🙂 My horse journal is a big binder where I keep riding and horse-care related articles from magazines and things I print out from online. I add in my personal training notes and observations about my horses’ health conditions so I can keep track of progress/changes over time. The binder is pretty well-worn at this point. I’ll probably need to think about replacing it soon . . .

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