Equioxx Users Take Note: New Generic Drug Approved!

“Firocoxib Tablets for Horses contain the same active ingredient (firocoxib) in the same concentration and dosage form as the approved brand name drug product, Equioxx Tablets, which was first approved on July 24, 2016.” – From the Federal Drug Administration website

Is your horse prescribed Equioxx? If so, you may want to ask your veterinarian about the newly FDA approved generic version. It cheaper than the name brand.

For those of you not aware, Equioxx is a NSAID used to treat pain and inflammation. I am familiar with the drug because my horse, Bear, took Equioxx for his arthritis symptoms.

Had he not recently passed away, I would have definitely asked my veterinarian about the possibility of switching to this generic version in order to save money.

In a post dated, 08/01/22, the Federal Drug Administration announced that it approved this generic version. You can read the announcement at


“Firocoxib Tablets for Horses” is made by PRN Pharmacal. You can visit their website at https://www.prnpharmacal.com/ to read about this and other products they offer.

Note that “Firocoxib Tables for Horses” is only available via prescription, just like Equioxx. And both medicines are manufactured in a 57mg pill. But, so far, I’ve only seen a 60 count bottle offered in the generic version (Equioxx comes in a 60 count and a 180 count version).

For an example of price comparison, a 60 count Equioxx bottle at Valley Vet Supply is listed at $96.99 while the Firocoxib Tables for Horses is $81.14. Makes for about a $15 savings per bottle.

Note that if you participate in the rebate program for Equioxx (see my previous post about that HERE), you may want to compare how the name-brand rebate program stacks up against the generic savings. But since not everyone bothers with rebate programs. And since rebate programs tend to come and go, knowing that there is a generic version available is valuable information.

Here’s a photo of the Firocoxib for Horses ad that I saw displayed in the October 2022 issue of Your Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care magazine.

This is all exciting news, if you ask me!

***Since the FDA is USA based, I am not yet aware of the drug’s availability elsewhere. International readers might want to inquire about the availability in their home countries.***

4 thoughts on “Equioxx Users Take Note: New Generic Drug Approved!

  1. This was exciting news to me as well, but after a few months on the generic firocoxib, it appears to not be working on one of my arthritic guys. He’s a pasture pet so nothing has changed except the switch from Equioxx to the generic. I’m going to switch back to see if it makes a difference. Also will reach out to the manufacturer with the feedback.

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    1. That is disappointing that you had that experience in switching your horse to the generic firocoxib. Good idea to contact the manufacturer to let them know. I would think they would welcome that kind of feedback so they could keep track of such experiences. I hope your horse gets to feeling better again very soon, and thank you for your comment.


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