Free Horse-Related Newsletters: Sent Right To Your Email Inbox!

I wrote about these free newsletters before, but I find them so valuable that their mention bears repeating.

You can sign up to receive free horse-related newsletters from the publishers of the magazine The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Healthcare. The newsletters give research-based, solid, reliable information on all things equine.

To sign up, go to

You can choose from either weekly or monthly newsletters that are sent straight to your email inbox. Sign up for just one newsletter or all of them. You can select from quite the breadth of topics including:

Horse Health
Horse Nutrition
Equine Welfare and Industry
Soundness and Lameness
Equine Behavior
Farm and Barn
Older Horse Care
Equine Sports Medicine

Each newsletter will give you links to articles on that particular topic, many of which were first published in the printed The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Healthcare magazine. Please note that in order to view the body of most articles, you must sign up for an account with It is free, easy to do, and didn’t result in spam in my email inbox. The entire website really is a treasure-trove of equine information.

If you like the newsletters as much as I do, you might consider purchasing a digital and/or printed subscription to The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Healthcare magazine at

“Written for hands-on horse owners and managers of any breed or discipline and reviewed by a board of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) veterinarians, this monthly publication provides current, understandable, and practical information on equine health, care, management, and welfare . . . The Horse is an all-breed, all-discipline equine education provider for hands-on participants in the horse industry. Our articles are written for hands-on horse owners, trainers, riders, breeders, veterinarians, vet techs, and managers who want to know more.”

-From website

*Please note that this post was unsolicited and uncompensated.*

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