From This to That: Change of Seasons

I thought these two photos were perfect for a quick post.

It never ceases to amaze me how closely tied my horse keeping is to the seasons and weather. Those factors dictate so much of what I do with my horses.

When I was scrolling through recent photos on my phone, I was struck by the contrast between two particular photos. Both were taken in November. I realize that Winter doesn’t start on the calendar in the Northern hemisphere until December 21st, but my Mid-Western weather pays no attention. Winter typically arrives a lot earlier than that.

The following two photos succinctly contrast the difference between the typical lovely Fall weather in my area and the harshness of its Winters. Notice, among other things, that I am riding in one photo and not in the other. The weather makes all the difference.

3 thoughts on “From This to That: Change of Seasons

  1. Are your horses shod and if yes do you( or your farrier)put snow pads on their feet? I have snow pads and corks on Biasini. This is so he can go out to his paddock without getting snow balled up in his shoes. He is only shod in front. I also take him out hacking on the forest trails. Usually we have snow by now but not so far this year. However it is forecast to be coming this weekend.

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