Book Review: The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat by Phil Van Treuren

I am pleased to follow up last week’s post with this week’s book review. Please note that while I did receive a free copy of the book, I did not receive any monetary compensation for this book review.

Talk about a coincidence! Just as I was composing last week’s blog post about barn cats, Stoic Simple Press contacted me about their new book titled The Stock Horse and The Stable Cat. What perfect timing!

The Stock Horse and the Stable Cat is a thoroughly charming and thoughtful read. Visually engaging illustrations accompany the storyline of a horse and cat going about their day. The book is sure to be appreciated by both equine and feline fans alike.

Throughout the book, the horse and the cat discuss their different viewpoints on various subjects. Apple trees, windy days and critters with whom they share their home are all fodder for this barn-yard pair. Readers learn that the horse and the cat each have their differing likes and dislikes. Yet they still enjoy spending time together.

While the book is described as a Stoic fable, the reader doesn’t have to be an adherent of, or even familiar with, Stoic philosophy to appreciate the positive outlook on life that the book promotes. As a quick and straight forward read, the book struck me as perfect for a child’s bedtime story but would also make a lovely addition to a coffee-table book collection.

View the publisher’s short video clip about the book here:

Read more about the book and purchase a copy on the publisher’s website:

By the way, if you missed last week’s blog post, you can read it HERE. Among other things, I wrote about valuing the companionship of barn cats. I shared lots of photos, too. But didn’t have room for all of them. So here is one more. Taken in 2011, it is a picture of me riding my horse, Bear, with my barn cat, MJ, happy to tag along. Sadly, Bear and MJ have passed on, but I still have the happy memories.

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