Stick Em To Me

I couldn’t resist buying this set of equestrian-themed stickers. The set cracked me up when I first saw it. So funny and so spot on.

While not every horse person may relate to each and every one, I bet that there’s at least a few that have you nodding your head in solid agreement.

Personally, my favorite sticker is the “rewarded the try” one. That one isn’t meant to be funny, of course, but I really like the concept. Someone should put that on a t-shirt.

My second favorite is the “actually rode my horse” sticker. Considering I keep horses in my backyard, it’s amazing how often I DON’T ride. So when I actually DO climb onto a horse, the occasion definitely feels sticker-worthy.

And I can’t go without raising a glass to the “hooked up the trailer on the first try” sticker. I mean, if that is not one of life’s most satisfying events, I don’t know what is.

Want your own sticker set? Go to HoofPrints.

Each sheet is only $1.99, but there is a minimum shipping charge of $7.95 for orders up to $29.99. Please note that HoofPrints will only ship to a USA address.

If you want to get your full money’s worth on the shipping charge, it wouldn’t be difficult to reach the $29.99 level. HoofPrints sells all kinds of other fun horse-themed stuff, including a long list of budget-friendly sale and discounted items.

By the way, this post was not solicited and I received no compensation for it. Not even a gold star.

How about you? Do any of the stickers put a smile on your face or make you laugh out loud?

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