Free Downloads: 24 Horse Behaviors

Last Fall, I wrote a “What Does Lameness Look Like?” post after viewing the video “24 Horse Behaviors: Shifting The Paradigm of How We See Lameness.”

The video features the research of Dr. Sue Dyson, MA, Vet MB, PhD, DEO, Dipl. ECVSMR, FRCVS. She is an equine orthopedic specialist and an accomplished rider in the eventing and show jumping disciplines.

Dr. Dyson wants to expand equestrian definitions and awareness of lameness in an effort to improve horse welfare. She encourages folks in the horse industry to think beyond obvious head-bobbing lameness and to instead watch for more subtle signs that may indicate the horse is experiencing muscuolskeletal pain.

The video gives a brief outline of behaviors that horses often display under saddle and how, according to Dr. Dyson’s research, they may relate to lameness, particularly when taking into account the frequency and/or duration with which they occur during a ride.

Now, in addition to viewing the 35 minute video for free at, you can also get a free mobile download and two free PDF downloads that will help you identify these behaviors in your own horse.

The free mobile downloads and free PDFs are offered through the Train with Trust Project. The Train with Trust Project is a non-profit whose website states its mission is to provide “behavior education to animal owners, and professionals directly caring for animals, on any topics that will enhance animal welfare and the human animal bond.”

As more horse folks become aware that “resistant” horse behavior can be a manifestation of physical issues and not just training issues, the distribution of this free video and the free downloadable materials strikes me as particularly timely.

To get your free downloads, go to

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