Horses and The Spring Season

Now that Spring has sprung on the calendar in the Northern Hemisphere, I feel obliged to write a Spring-themed horse post. So much of horse care and riding is affected by the weather. For those of us who live in areas with four distinct seasons, including harsh Winters, the coming of Spring is most welcomed.

Some equestrians may have lots of fun horsey stuff planned on the calendar come Spring. Others of us don’t have any big plans but are just grateful to muck and feed in above-freezing temperatures, even while we have to deal with the typically excessive Springtime rain. Either way, there is lots to appreciate about this time of year.

In looking over previous posts, though, I decided that I didn’t really have any new thoughts to add to the subject. So I am instead sharing links to those Spring-themed posts I wrote over the last few years.

As you click through them, perhaps you can find information or inspiration to apply to your own situation as you embark on this new season. A season traditionally associated with promise, birth and renewal. Here’s to Spring!

A Backyard Horse-Keeper’s Spring To Do List

Spring Is Coming: Got Grazing Muzzle?

Preparing For Spring Riding

A Great Spring Time Activity: Practicing The Backup

Equine Illustrated Poetry: The Beauty of A Spring Ride

Horse Care and The Comfort of Routine

Looking For Another Horse This Spring? Consider Fostering or Adopting Your Next Horse

6 thoughts on “Horses and The Spring Season

  1. it was 86 here yesterday. UGH I am not ready for summer. But supposed to cool off a bit this week. Happy Spring (or not Spring depending who is reading) to you! I do find my allergies are off the chart. between pollen and the wind and horse hair!! My nose is streaming most days! 🙂 But the sun was so welcome yesterday.

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    1. Depending upon where you live, Spring time can look quite different in the weather department! And I agree that pollen, wind and horse hair don’t make for the greatest combination. I’ll still take all that over below freezing temperatures though, but I realize not everyone might agree with me. Maybe we just need to move someplace where it is a balmy 70 degrees all year around?

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  2. Spring… can’t wait until it’s here! We live in the mountains and in the village it’s OK, up here still icey snow (40 cm) but we’re already seeing parts of the drive way and little patches of dirt (I realize that I planed my bulbs in the wrong place last year. LOL)

    My horses are bored with the snow I bet they would like to nibble on some greens. Not yet…

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    1. Yup, Spring on the calendar doesn’t necessarily mean Spring on the ground. When I’ve lived in areas with mountains, it was always interesting to feel toasty down in the valley while looking up and seeing snow on the peaks in the distance. Hoping the greens sprout up soon for your horses.


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