Off To A Slow Start This Spring

I’m off to a slow start this Spring in the horse department. If you have read this blog for any length of time, you will notice that I complain with some frequency about the weather and how it interferes with my horse time.

During March and April, I got in a handful of rides and some groundwork but not nearly as much as I would like. It’s the same old song and dance. Maybe a song and dance that some get tired of reading about? But those of us who crave being with horses, and especially riding, can likely understand the obsession.

I started off riding at home this year with a few brief bareback rides but have since graduated to using the saddle again.

I continue to toggle between working with Shiloh alone versus ponying Piper while I ride Shiloh.

I also toggle between having my husband help me get started with the riding/ponying/groundwork (and doing the photo/video taking) and me doing it alone.

So far, when riding Shiloh as I pony Piper, I have yet to drop my phone, but it’s nice to have someone worrying about capturing the media sometimes!

I notice in most of the photos how I am wearing a Winter jacket but yet the grass is long and sprouting dandelions. A weird contrast.

My husband even caught this video clip of what Piper likes to do at liberty when I lay out a bunch of obstacles in the round pen for the horses to explore. Piper can be quite the go-getter.

And isn’t it amazing how a 1000-pound horse can sneak up on you from behind without your realizing it? I guess I was concentrating so much on fixing Shiloh’s fly mask that I didn’t notice Piper trying to join in on the activity. In case you are wondering, the fly mask in this instance isn’t for fly protection but for wind protection. The excess wind combined with allergy season makes Shiloh’s eyes water, even when the weather is cold.

Oh, I almost forgot to include this three-part photo. It’s nothing to do with riding or groundwork, but it is definitely backyard horse related. The photo shows damage to my run-in shed after Piper’s hoof managed to blast a hole through it in March.

Sheet metal can cause horrific injuries to horses. Fortunately, Piper presented with nothing more than a tiny surface scrape to the inside of a hind leg. It didn’t seem to hurt him at all and healed up quickly. That was the first time in twenty years I had a horse damage the shed like that. Hopefully, it will be the last.

That concludes my latest sampling of backyard horse commentary and media. Can you believe it’s almost May 1st? We will see if I am able to pull off more regular riding as we head into Summer.

5 thoughts on “Off To A Slow Start This Spring

  1. I love that you use your fly mask as wind protection. I do that for Reno, too. I sympathize with videoing or taking photos alone. Reno likes to too get close to the camera so you know what those shots look like! But spring. I’m cheering that it’s here. I love how bright the colors are, love spring flowers, and how silky and rich the horses’ coats are when they first shed off. Enjoy the rides that you manage to take. Thanks for sharing the pics of your horses enjoying their activities.

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    1. Thank you, Barbara. I also enjoy watching all the green around me sprout and the flowers bloom. And you are so right about how silky that new Spring horse hair is too when they start becoming all slicked out for Summer. I wish the wind and rain weren’t so pronounced, but you can’t have everything. 🙂


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